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  • UNIFIER19 Final meeting

    The final meeting of the Clean Sky project UNIFIER19 – Community Friendly Miniliner – was held on September 5, 2022, in Ajdovščina, Slovenia.

    The project exceeded the expected outcomes about the feasibility and preliminary design of a zero-emission 19-passenger airplane.

    Pipistrel Vertical SolutionsPolitecnico di Milano and Technical University Delft, with the additional help of University Carlos III Madrid, completed the design of an one-of-a-kind aircraft exploiting cryogenic hydrogen for its power generation system based on fuel cells, a pusher tail-cone propeller and distributed electric propulsion.

  • UNIFIER19 team proudly presents Simulink flight dynamics simulator (coupled to X-Plane 11 for visuals) for a hydrogen-powered 19-passenger DEP commuter.
    Now we are releasing the entire vehicle model and inviting you to explore this simulator and design your control laws for the vehicle! We hope the simulator will be an easy go-to simulator for DEP vehicles!Highlights:
    – Contains all the relevant system models! (electric motors, actuators)
    – Aero-propulsive interactions!
    – Validated against high-fidelity CFD!
    – Comes with a very nice and high-fidelity X-plane 11 model for visualization!
    – Documentation and YouTube set-up guide!Hope you like it!

    Powered by the CleanSky2 Joint Undertaking!

    PS: For the aviation enthusiast we have a standalone X-plane 11 model just for the fun of flying!

  • Unifier19 sponsored by Pipistrel at Clean Aviation event at the European Parliament (June 28th, 2022)
  • David Erzen (Pipistrel) at GPPS Forum22, Zürich (June 22nd, 2022)